Women's Size Charts

Not sure what size you need? 

So long as you know the basic measurements of your favourite clothes, you are all set! We have broken the sizes down so:

  • For dresses/tops/jackets look at the bust measurements.
  • For skirts/trousers/shorts looks at the waist measurements.

Please be aware, this relates to the size of the clothing, so if you are shopping with your body measurements in mind, we advise looking for pieces 0.5in smaller minimum, to allow for movement. 

Of course, it is always worth looking at pieces bigger than your measurements if you like your clothes baggier and less constricting, and don't feel you must stick to women's or men's categories. You do you boo.

And remember, in vintage land, there are no standard sizes so please check all the measurements of the actual garments before you buy to ensure a good fit!

chart to show sizing for honeykins vintage womens clothing

chart showing sizes of honeykins vintage shoes

Not sure what measurements you need? We have made a handy guide on how to find out, which is right here!