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What condition will my vintage be in?

We restore our vintage so that it can re-live its glory days, however, like most things that are over a certain age, it can show wear from the fun it has had. We love the fact that vintage has its own back story, and that it is never perfect. We will do our best to show any marks or faults in pictures and describe them fully, but please be understanding of their past lives, their age and condition. All our items are of a high wearable standard and quality, and we will state any imperfections, but please be aware that there may be a small mark that escapes our beady eyes on a very rare occasion.

What do you do to restore the vintage?

We hand wash our items, where we can, before sale to freshen the fabric and remove any stains. We tend not to dry-clean items before sale due to some customers being allergic to the chemicals used, and the cost that would be passed on, but if an item really requires it we will. We pop our items in the freezer for a while to kill off any nasty things that may have hitched a ride over the years (yep weird but it works), to both protect our stock and your home. We steam all of our vintage which helps sanitise the fabric. We will fix holes, broken zips, re-sew buttons and hems, anything that would ensure that the item is reaching you in its best condition. Occasionally however we will leave any previous 'changes' to an item if we feel it adds character, but we will state this in the description.

How do I wash my vintage?

We would advise you to follow washing guidelines and wash any purchases separately to begin with in case of colour transfer. For items such as jackets, coats, wool items or delicate fabrics we would advise using a dry cleaning service of your choice before use if you have sensitive skin. We only use non-bio sensitive washing detergents but advise washing the item before use if you have sensitive skin. If you have any questions regarding washing an item you have bought from us, please get in touch and we will do our best to advise you. Please be aware that we are not responsible for any damage caused by washing the item once you have received it.

How does vintage sizing work?

Vintage sizing is always smaller than modern sizing (thanks to the high street lying to us!) so please do not assume a vintage size 12 is the same as a modern one. Please pay close attention to measurements that are given, these are intended as a guide.

We have added a handy, easy to follow guide so that you can figure out what size you take, which can be found right here!


When we measure the bust, we do include any stretch and include bust darts, so the measurements listed are the MAXIMUM measurements, so I do advise you being a little smaller than the garments sizes.

How big is the mannequin?

Doris, the mannequin you see on the website, is the following measurements:

Bust: 33in, Waist: 24.5in, Hips: 35.5in, Shoulders: 13in across, Shoulder to waist: 13in, Height approx. 5ft 8in shown standing on her toes.

Do you adjust your photographs?

Some garments are pinned to the mannequin for photography, and we try to accurately represent our items. We use professional photography lights to shoot our products to get the most accurate colours, occasionally we will lighten an image if the light is low, but we never play with the colour or fit using editing software. Please be aware however that your monitor screen (laptop, PC, phone or tablet) may represent the colour slightly differently, and we can't control this difference.

How is the vintage stored at HV?

All of the vintage stock hangs on rails in our studio, kept at a constant temperature and humidity thanks to our eco friendly humidifier. We are a smoke free home. We do have a dog, but we try to keep fur transfer to a minimum. We keep bags of natural dried lavender in our garment bags to prevent moths, and periodically pop them in the freezer to ensure all of our pieces are safe as can be.

Do you buy vintage?

We do! We source our vintage from all manner of places, but private clients are our favourite as we get to hear the stories behind the pieces. Do please drop us an email and some pictures on info@honeykinsvintage.com if you have something you think we may like. 

Do you offer lay-away payments?

We can offer lay away payments on any of our items over £150. Terms and conditions will be discussed and agreed on a case by case basis dependant on overall value, but our basic terms are a 20% non-refundable non-transferable deposit to secure the item and then subsequent equal payments due thereafter with postage included on the last payment. 

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