How To Measure To Find Your Size

Buying vintage can be really confusing, as the sizes are not what we are used to and people were really good at tailoring their clothes to fit them perfectly.

First, learn how to measure up to get your exact needs.

All our vintage sizes are the size of the actual garment, so we advise measuring some of your own clothes that fit you really well to get an accurate fit. Here, we have included measuring a dress, trousers and a top to cover everything you will need.

Image of a dress with a guide on how to measure itimage of a top with a guide how to measure it

how to measure vintage trousers guide

To know the measurements of your own body, we advise doing it while standing in your undies and following the same guides above, just don't have the tape measure really tight, have it lightly touching your body. Then look for clothes that have measurements a minimum of 0.5in bigger than your numbers to allow for movement and prevent damage to the garment. 

Easy peasy!

Shopping with your clothes measurements? Match to the ones listed in our products.

Shopping with your body measurements? Look for items 0.5in bigger.

Of course, it is always worth looking at pieces bigger than your measurements if you like your clothes baggier and less constricting, and don't feel you must stick to women's or men's categories. You do you boo.

Want to know what size you take in HV vintage? We have our own easy size guide to follow here for the women's ranges and the men's ranges!