About HV

Honeykins Vintage Katie Unicorn

Well hi there and welcome to Honeykins Vintage! 

I am Katie, owner, founder and magical vintage unicorn of HV. Yep, I have indeed been given that title by a customer, so I am sticking with it!

Honeykins Vintage began back in 2016 as a little 3ft rail in a local antiques centre, with only 25 pieces of stock! I started HV as I wanted a way to show that vintage can be mixed with the modern wardrobe to create a truly individual look that really packs a punch. 95% of my wardrobe is vintage, second hand designer and thrifted modern, but vintage is always my go to when it comes to a special occasion or I need to make an impact, as I know that my outfit will be unique, stand out and make me feel great.

I love that vintage is a little bit of history that you can wear and I often wonder where each piece in the collection has come from, who wore it and what has it seen. Caring for the stock really feels like I am looking after a little museum of wonder as each item has its own personality, and I take great pleasure in restoring it so that it can shine again in your wardrobe and make new memories.

How do I choose what vintage can join the ranks of the HV stock? I hand pick every piece for its style and quality, so you won't find bundles of bulk bought bad vintage here! I don't specialise in one specific decade, instead I collect pieces from all decades that give me that little 'ooh' feeling when I find it, pieces that I can see being worn by stylish women to make them feel fabulous. Each garment that comes to me gets washed and treated, restored and repaired so that you can just get on with wearing it, as I do not believe that vintage should be seen as anything less than wonderful. 

You may ask, where did the Honeykins name come from? Well, history and family are an important part of vintage, and I love hearing the stories behind the pieces and seeing the photos of them being worn. Clothes are such an emotive part of memories, so I wanted something that would represent my own heritage. Combining my Mums maiden name Honeyman and the family name Wilkins produced Honeykins, the influence of my own style!

Vintage is not only unique, it is well made using quality fabrics that will stand the test of time, designed to flatter the feminine figure more than anything you will find on the high street. And it is eco friendly, so you can buy as much as you like without any guilt! 

 So whether you want a head to toe classic vintage look, or a range of items that can join your wardrobe to give your style a unique boost, you have come to the right place!

 Enjoy feeling fabulous!

Katie x