Honeykins vintage at clerkenwell vintage fashion fair london

The Website is Live!

honeykins vintage at clerkenwell vintage fashion fair london
Well there we have it! The Honeykins Vintage own website has been up-and-running for a couple of weeks now and we are so pleased to share it with you! 
We started the website in October 2018 as our first store, on Etsy, was just not getting the love it deserved and with all of Etsy's changes to the fees, algorithms and search functions, I felt that they really were alienating the small businesses that had got them to where they are. So we made the decision to have something of our own.
The Honeykins Vintage website has been built by myself using the tools that Shopify give you, meaning that I have hand picked and styled everything you see to really show off our brand. I wanted something that was easy for my customers to use and navigate, good filters and plenty of information which is why you will find loads of measurements, photos and descriptions in each item.
To match our new sleek website, Doris the mannequin got a make over and a new base to match our new photo set up that we built ourselves, so that everything has the same sleek, stylish look. It really has been a labour of love for the past few months but we are super proud of what we achieved using our own graft and brain power. 
Do let us now if there is anything you wish to see, and of course any glitches. While you enjoy the website, we are just going to have a little lie down........
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