New Honeykins Vintage logo

New logo, new website, same great vintage!

The savvy amoung you may have noticed that we have undergone a little makeover!

When we first started HV, our logo was perfect for us, suited to the smaller local vintage fairs and our little Etsy store. But now, three years down the line, with our new dedicated website store open, a firm following in the vintage fashion capital London thanks to us attending prestigious fairs, customer around the world and, Twinwood and the Festival of Vintage on the horizon for 2019, I felt it was time for a logo that fitted our new future.

Still keeping our classic vintage mint and black colours, the logo is much more stylish and sleek, mirroring our love of good design and quality silhouettes. And the best bit, the logo now includes our mantra......enjoy feeling fabulous! Because lets face it, vintage has the ability to make us feel our most fabulous self!

With our change in stock choice to start including much earlier pieces, rarer labels and classic styles, but still with our belief that mixing your decades with modern pieces is the way to achieve a wardrobe as individual as you are, we think this will appeal to vintage dames and fashionistas alike.

But worry not, our quality, customer service and me are still the same old HV!


The new look would not have been possible without the fabulous design gal Lydia Jones, a vintage lover and clever cookie that managed to take my garbled ramblings about HV and turn it into the most stylish brand possible! If you would like Lydia to help you design pretty much anything, drop her an email to

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