Love Island x Ebay: Is this the break up from fast fashion we needed?

Love Island x Ebay: Is this the break up from fast fashion we needed?

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I never thought I would be writing about Love Island, a show I have never watched in my life, but something potentially big has happened. A steamier break up than any that has ever been seen before…….the shows bosses have walked away from partnerships with fast fashion brands of previous seasons for a new love affair with Ebay, the market place for second hand. What caused this sudden change of heart? Well……..

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Oxfam has reported that 13 million pieces of used clothing go to landfill WEEKLY in the UK alone*, and the European Environmental Agency said that in 2020, clothes use in Europe had on average the 4th highest impact on the environment and climate*. Not to mention the reports of poor working conditions, forced labour, lack of living wages in factories to name only a few issues. Fast fashion really is a pretty shitty relationship to be in.

The Love Island bosses decided that this year they wanted the show to be seen as a more ‘eco friendly production’ in a bid to redefine fashion. Considering previous contestants such as Molly-Mae Hague, Maura Higgins and Amber Gill all signed up with brands such as Pretty Little Thing and Boohoo after finishing their stint, this really is quite a big step.

Celebrity stylist Amy Bannerman has been second hand signbrought on to guide the edits where contestants can choose their looks from a shared wardrobe filled with pre-loved clothes with which they are encouraged to ‘eat, sleep, re-wear, repeat’ while mixing their own pieces they have brought with them. It has been apparently confirmed that anything sourced from Ebay for the campaign will be second hand * so at least there won’t be any fast fashion slipping in that way!

The ‘villa ready selections’ have been styled with four edits in mind; Blurred Lines, Love Me Forever, Y2K and Dopamine Dressing’ and Ebay has a Love Island focused page; showcasing pre-loved sellers with of a mix of retro and second hand, an imperfect edit to tempt you to buy something a little damaged as well as looks seen on the contestants. Teamed with the shows own app having a ‘Shop The Show’ button, it really could not be easier to tempt fans away from the brand new petrol based monstrosities that previously sold out in seconds when the fashion was from high street brands.

Will this new found love with pre-loved last? Can the die hard fast fashion followers be tempted to try something a little more dependable, stable and sustainable? As Bannerman said in her Marie Claire interview, “why get the new Y2K when you can get the original?” which is something us vintage lovers have always believed. Nice to be right sometimes, ain’t it?


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