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CEO Barbie Day to Night

Barbie mania has officially hit the world, thanks to the new film being released on the 21st July, and everywhere has exploded pink. But Barbie has always been more than just a pretty feminine doll, she has broken barriers and challenged stereotypes for more than 64 years!

Barbie has allowed children to play in a world of their own making, imagining themselves wearing amazing clothes, having jobs that normally are not seen to be women's roles, buying themselves that car, that house, that pony.

So as well as showing you a full collection of Barbie and Ken worthy vintage clothes and accessories for you to wear in your own Dream House, it is only right I show you her amazing history and fashion catalogue.

Barbie 1962 vintage dream house

 History Timeline of Barbie

1959 – March 9th, Barbie is released!

1961 – Ken is introduced (shown below)

1962 – Barbie buys her Dream House (right)

1963 – Midge Hadley, Barbie’s best friend is released

1965 – Barbie goes to space, 4 years before the US

1967 – first celebrity to have a doll, British supermodel Twiggy! (right)

Twiggy and her barbie in the 1960s

1968 – Christie, the first black doll and best friend of Barbie is released (below)

1971 – Barbie buys her first camper van!

1980 – first official African American and Latina dolls introduced with the name Barbie

1985 – Day to Night Barbie is produced, the first CEO Barbie (shown at the top)

1985 – First fashion partnership arrives, Oscar de la Renta

Christie black vintage Barbie

1985 – We Can Do Anything advert on TV, with the line ’we can do anything, right Barbie’

1986 – Warhol creates a Barbie painting

1992 – Barbie runs for President

2004 – Barbie and Ken break up, but stay friends. They get back together 7 years later. 

2009 – First Barbie runway is seen at New York Fashion Week, with designs based on her iconic looks

2014 - Barbie Style is launched - a shop of exclusive products from female-founded brands

2016 – The Barbie Fashionistas are introduced, showing many different body types, skin tones, features and fashions

2016 – Barbie runs for president again, but with a whole female crew

2018 – Inspiring Women collection is first seen, including many big names throughout history

 Barbie Interesting Facts

vintage 1959 barbie in black and white swimsuit
  • In the 1st year, 300,00 dolls are sold
  • Barbie has had over 150 careers, including surgeon, computer engineer and rapper!
  • Barbie is aged 19
  • Founder Ruth Handler, along with husband Elliot, create Barbie and Mattel Inc. She is modelled on a German doll called Bild Lilli.
  • Barbie was created as a 3D version of the paper dolls available, as they tended to show women in servient house bound roles. Barbie was made to show little girls ‘they could be anything they wanted to be, and that they had choices.
  • Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts, named after the founders’ daughter
  • Ken’s full name is Ken Carson, named after the founders’ son
  • Barbie’s first outfit was a black and white striped strapless swimsuit, with hoop earrings, a red lip and bold black eyeliner.
  • The first Barbie sold for $3. In mint
    condition, that Barbie is worth over $25,000 now!
  • The Bob Mackie Barbies are the most collectable and sought after.
  • Barbie bought her first house in 1963, which was before women were even able to have bank accounts.
    1962 vintage ken
  • Barbie is sold in over 150 countries worldwide
  • It takes more than 100 people to design a new doll and the fashions.
  • The Barbie and friends’ dolls are meant to show a range of looks, races, careers and body types. The Diverse Roll Model Dolls have been made to allow this.


1978 vintage barbie camper van

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