1960s Coca-Cola Brass Buckle Fake Tiffany Art Nouveau Leather Belt

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This belt certainly could be called refreshing and delicious to some!

From the mid 1960s, buckles like these caused a massive stir in the fashion world. A rogue manufacturer started producing a whole range of buckles under the 'Tiffany' name, but the had nothing to do with the high end jeweller! The fakes fooled everyone and there was even a book produced! 

This Coca-Cola buckle shows a rather bold topless care-free woman brandishing a Coke bottle in the style of Art Nouveau, which had seen a bit of a revival in the hippy age. How amazing would this look with a pair of denim flares, making a statement in more than one way! 

• Topless woman to the front holding a bottle of Coke, with 'Refreshing and Delicious' tag line, in an Art Nouveau style
• Coca_Cola and Tiffany Foundry on the front
• Coca-Cola Atlanta creation stamped to the back
• Tiffany Studio New York stamped to the back

• Heavy buckle made from brass
• Black leather belt 'Specially Handmade by Catras Leather of London
• There is some verdigris on the rivets and the buckle from age, but it is a very pleasant patina. The leather has been used and at a couple of holes is more soft thank others. There is also some rubbing to the edges, but all expected from age.

Buckle: 7cm x 9.5cm
Belt width: 4.8cm

Length of belt holes: 37in to 44in

We advise paying close attention to the actual measurements of the garment. 

Please get in touch if you have any questions.

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