1950s Terracotta Zodiac Horoscope Fine Silk Scarf

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Wonderful terracotta coloured 1950s fine silk scarf covered in the zodiac signs and dates of the horoscope. Artistically drawn images and wonderfully penned writing, the design is simple but charming, the terracotta is warm and flattering. Perfect for your hair, tied around your neck or to adorn your favourite bag. 

• Center is full of drawings of the symbols of all the zodiac signs
• Each horoscope sign name written around the side, including the dates
• White edge and light terracotta background
• Made from a very light and fine silk
• Machine sewn hem
• There is a couple of stains, the most noticeable is the one on the edge. There is also a little blurring to the writing on the edges that looks like some of the threads have been stretched. All shown in photos

47 x 46cm square 

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